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    Humor me...I talk to myself

    Thanks, Jason. I had only looked at eBay motherboards in the $100 range.
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    Humor me...I talk to myself

    I have sold two AMD Radeon HD 7990s, have one good one for sale on eBay, and one needing repair on eBay. I am running my one remaining HD 7990 on the ASUS B250 Mining Expert motherboard. Look at NewEgg and shake your head about the current prices, roughly $600. I paid $50 for mine brand-new a...
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    Folding@Home Reinforcements needed!

    I am kicking one AMD Radeon HD 7990 and 24 cores on the server.
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    Folding@Home Reinforcements needed!

    My two computers are "finishing." I just got my power bill and I cannot justify running 1500 Watt heaters in the summer although my air conditioner handles the load easily.
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    Folding@Home Reinforcements needed!

    The Dell server is running one task on 24 threads (12 cores). The reduced capacity mining rig is running four GPUs and one CPU (4 cores, 4 threads). I am not sure what 24 hour average to expect.
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    They don't want mining rigs. I cannot override the 1 CPU per GPU requirement and have only 4 cores and not hyper-threaded. I am parting out my rig on eBay.
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    Ronnie, I added Einstein to my mining rig and cannot understand why Einstein only uses five GPUs instead of 8. I wrote an app_config.xml file and a cc_config.xml file and it still uses only 5 GPUs. From the posts I've read at Einstein they must all be SETI people, e.g. humorless and unhelpful.
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    Not yet. This data problem should end whenever the researcher gets it right or his report deadline has been passed.
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    If the invalid work continues, I may take a break, too. I have about 500 invalid returns at the moment, and it kills the RAC. It is discouraging to grind away at the jobs when the data have a problem, not my computers.
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    BOINC Manager closes unexpectedly...

    I have had several unexpected shutdowns of the BOINC Manager. I must have done one of the actions listed below. Luke U said,
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    Retrieved COVID-19 Data Details Natural Immunity, Virus Origins...One America News

    Retrieved COVID-19 Data Details Natural Immunity, Virus Origins.
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    Configure Windows 10 for computers dedicated to crunching

    The title of the article at Computing on Demand is "Configure Windows 10 for Mining," but I would apply these changes to any computer that only crunches. You can pick and chose which things you would not do on your daily driver, such as appearance for performance instead of appearance.
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    Guide to running multiple GPU work units

    I found this informative post by KieX at TechPowerUp: Guide to running multiple GPU work units.
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    Problems with AMD driver update of 22 June 2021... Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.5.2

    There are numerous reports of problems at AMD Community Forum after the release of RSA 21.5.2 on 22 June. I posted the following:
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    Humor me...I talk to myself

    Well, well. The new Windows 10 Pro installation went well. I was careful to observe the GPU fans as each update and program was installed. The CULPRIT that caused my Radeon HD 7990 fans to stop running was radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-21.5.2-win10-64bit-legacyasics-june21-legacy.exe. I...