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    Humor me...I talk to myself

    I hear you on the noise and dust. Once I get things sorted out I think I will put the main cruncher in the basement. I'll have a lower powered system in the office. Do you mean 100% passive cooling or just something with fewer fans than you had?
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    Server Maintenance Thursday 9-21 100-300 Eastern

    Maintenance has been completed. Let me know if you have any problems.
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    Server Maintenance Thursday 9-21 100-300 Eastern

    The site host will be performing maintenance during this time and the site will likely be unreachable. Thursday 9.21.23 100-300 Eastern
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    It's about time to fire the crunchers back up! :D

    It's about time to fire the crunchers back up! :D
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    Fall's Early

    Temps were in the low 50s last night, seems a little early to be that cool. I'm not complaining though, I'm delighted for the a/c to get a break. It won't be long and I can fire the crunchers back up.
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    Domain Renewed

    I got an email last week saying that domain prices were going up so I have extended the domain for 3 more years.
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    Humor me...I talk to myself

    I'm paying around 120 a month for 200 down through Spectrum. I forget the up, I'm not really uploading enough to make that important. AT&T and another company (Alta Fiber) have laid fiber in the last few years but AT&T pricing is still not competitive for their speeds and Alta service still...
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    Einstein@Home Einstein@Home offline August 14/15

    No electricity is as good a reason as any to shut the servers down. :D
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    Folding@Home Open Beta for V8

    That's disappointing, but sadly not a new problem.
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    Hello from the Pacific Northwest.

    Welcome to the forum, great to have you with us! I don't know if any projects currently have screensavers or not I think Einstein used to, but years ago running the screensavers taxed the GPU and lowered output. I turned them all off when I found that out. :D What projects are you crunching...
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    Math Day 2.0 seven day challenge

    I have to sit out as well, A/C and dehumidifier are sucking up too much juice already.
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    I'm only running 1 GPU during the night when the load is usually lower. It's also dehumidifier season as well as a/c season here.
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    I haven't kept up with the latest and greatest but it used to be that if you wanted max credit you were best served buying a CPU with a high clock speed and just enough cores to serve whatever number of GPUs you had. I doubt much has changed in the regard but I think most of us like the...
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    MilkyWay@Home Separation Application Shutting Down on Tuesday, Jun 20th

    Get'em while you can. I feel comfortable recommending Einstein@home as an alternative for space related GPU research. Make sure to join the right USA team if you're new to the project. There are a few USA themed teams floating around there. :D Make sure to enable stats export as well: Account...
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    MilkyWay@Home Separation Project Coming To An End

    This is disappointing. I was hoping to get to a billion here and that will take years on a CPU. I like the project but I think there are better uses for my CPU. On the plus side, Milkyway was the only reason I used AMD cards so I can move solely to Nvidia now. That will make things less complicated.
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    Folding@Home Flickering LED lights in my home...only with FAH

    The term I was failing at recalling is WDDM or Windows Display Driver Model. It was first introduced in Vista, not 7. Vista was a forgettable OS and that's why I thought it first appeared in 7...that's my story that I'm sticking to anyway. :D
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    Ah, an application named MeerKat, I should have realized. :LOL:
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    Folding@Home Flickering LED lights in my home...only with FAH

    Linux has been more productive than Windows since the release of Windows 7, or at least that's what I've read. XP was on par. 7 and later has a lot of overhead, I cannot recall the name right now but it was an effort to prevent systems locking up because of a video driver crash. Most of the time...
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    ** UPDATE ** USA is 10th in World (RAC) - Einstein@home!

    Getting some cool weather this week I might fire a client or 2 up. :USA: