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  1. Vester


    I look forward to the end of the current challenges so that some of you will return to MilkWay@home. We have dropped from 4th to 6th in the team stats. I expect to keep crunching as long as the air conditioner can handle the load. My computer, 4HD7990, is back up to 5th place and will top out...
  2. Vester

    Folding@Home I am here for a Moonshot...or two

    I blew the dust out of my old mining rig when I read about the need for GPUs to run COVID Moonshot GPU (OPENMM_22) projects 13420-1 to FAH. I am running one AMD HD 7790 and four HD 7990 (dual GPU) video cards. I have not noticed any delays uploading or downloading work, and I will run until I...
  3. Vester

    Folding@Home Folding on Ubuntu I did it...almost

    My first work unit had reached about 5% when I rebooted my computer. Since I have come back, GPU work units fail. Troubleshooting...and my attempted repairs really got bad. I will reinstall another day when I want to isolate all day. If you see the error of my ways below, I'd appreciate your...
  4. Vester

    Lost time crunching...a tornado in Seneca, SC

    The electrical service to my home comes to a substation in Fair Play, SC, and the trunk line comes through Seneca, SC. We were without power almost 72 hours due to an EF 3 tornado that damaged the trunk line. Four steel poles were leaning and was bent 60 degrees. Here are some photos of the...
  5. Vester

    Seti task 100%...stuck on Uploading

    Other completed tasks are uploading, but this one has been in BOINC Manager as Uploading for about twelve hours. The photo tells it all. I will only run Seti another week, but does anyone know how to get this thing uploaded?
  6. Vester

    When being in the top ten at Milkyway was not enough..

    Today I sold the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 that I used for three months on Milkyway@home and PrimeGrid until I bricked the Biostar motherboard. Immediately after the sale, I made an offer on a Radeon HD 7990 hoping to add a third 7990 to the rack rig. I listed my MSI R9 390 on eBay this afternoon in...
  7. Vester

    Fair Play, SC

    I have been running distributed computing projects since January 2002 starting with United Devices, then Think, then World Community Grid, Rosetta@Home, Folding@home, GpuGrid, Poem and some I may have forgotten. Until a few months ago, I had run Folding@home on two AMD video cards. I became...