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  1. BeauZaux


    Recently installed VM and started running QuChemPedIA@home. Finally finished a few WU's but keep getting "Postponed: VM enviroment needed to be cleaned." Running on 8 core AMD FX-81120 with 16GB mem and 120GB SSD. Am I missing something or need some adjustment? or is this normal?
  2. BeauZaux

    Folding@Home WU 134XX

    I've read about the problems with these important WU's and work being done, but no work arounds. I run FAH on 4 Radeon GPU machines and get a lot of 13415's. The 3 AMD cpu machines run these WU's fine, though not much points. But my one Intel cpu machine crashes FAH every night when these WU's...
  3. BeauZaux

    PrimeGrid: Alan Turing's Birthday Challenge starts June 23rd

    Are we doing this one? Not sure I want to take my GPUs off of FAH while COVID-19 is still being researched.
  4. BeauZaux


    Was having a stretch of no WU's from Ibercivis Then last night the downloads came but all errored out during downloads multple times on multiple machines. Any news on this?
  5. BeauZaux

    Graphic card QUAD FIRMWARE or BIOS

    Newbie question...What is quad firmware or bios on a graphics card? Googled it with no luck. Some type of mining firmware upgrade? I bought an RX 470 with this Quad Firmware. This card gives me the best numbers (not really saying much) and coolest temps of anything I have. Is it the norm for...
  6. BeauZaux

    GPU troubles with FAH in Linux

    Completed a new build with 990x and GTX 690 dual GPU. FAH loaded and configured, GPU's appear to be recognized, but fails to run. "Running" flashes on FAHControl, then jumps back to "Ready". WU_STALLED last log entry. This is a beta version of FAH, but running fine on another machine with GTX...
  7. BeauZaux

    Are Mining Graphic Cards compatible with BOINC and Folding@home?

    I'm considering the purchase of something like this ZOTAC GPU p106-90 3Gb Low Power Consumption Mining Graphic Card...
  8. BeauZaux

    Got an old Motherboard??

    Looking for a mATX AM3/AM3+ DDR3 PCIe X16 motherboard that will accept an AMD Phenom II X4, a NVIDIA GTX760 and my 4x2GB memory. Watching a couple on ebay, but thought I'd throw it out here. I've given up on upgrading a Dell Inspiron 570 a friend threw out. Installed a 900w PS for the GTX760...
  9. BeauZaux

    Computer/project/app efficiency

    Is there an app that collects project stats by computer? I want to see which projects run best on which of my machines, configurations, and project combinations.
  10. BeauZaux

    Second GPU crashing

    I'm running 2 NVIDIA GTX 760s with an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T on an ASUS M4A87TD EVO motherboard with 8G of memory. Most projects will crash the second GPU showing zeros for all sensors and remaining time for task growing. I've managed to get GPUGRID to run fine as long as I run no tasks on CPU...
  11. BeauZaux

    Greetings from San Antonio

    Been in and out from the beginning of SETI. Always on older computers, so never made much of a dent. Still on older computers, but think I'm doing better. A lot of my fun is trying to squeeze the most out of these old machines. Hoping for tips and questions answered from the group. Of course I...