1. N

    The Purpose of This Forum

    Welcome to the internet home of national BOINC team USA! We're glad you stopped by! We are a team of individuals interested in donating computer time to various scientific projects, aka "crunching", by using the BOINC program. Read on for how you can contribute (crunch) with us! What is...
  2. Mitchell Tuckness

    GoFundMe Page - ODROID-Xu4 Solar Cluster

    I thought I would post this here and if anyone would like to help me spread the word that would be great. I created a GoFundMe project page to see if I could get some funding to create a solar powered BOINC cluster using ODROID-XU4. I am also going to look at creating it outside and weather...
  3. Mitchell Tuckness

    Team for World Community Grid?

    Is there a BOINC Team USA for the World Community Grid project? I see a lot, but not sure which ones ours or if we have one.