World Community Grid 16th Birthday Challenge

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I've entered us in the annual Birthday Challenge, sponsored by our friends at SETI.Germany! This is an exciting event with dedicated stats pages. Thanks to a special arrangement with WCG staff, the stats will update hourly during the competition.

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16th Birthday Challenge​
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This is a points challenge, all projects will count but we should focus in the better credit projects for best rank. That's OPN (Open Pandemic) for Windows machines and SCC (Smash Childhood Cancer) for Linux, but the main thing is to participate. If you prefer other projects that's fine.

This even starts on 11-16 at 0000 UTC time. That's Sunday night for those of us in the US, as always check for your local time difference from UTC.
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SCC (Smash Childhood Cancer) will be out out of tasks in 24-48 hours. Increase your cache to last through the end of the challenge or get ready with a backup project if you are only crunching SCC.

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We're down to the final day, and we're doing great! There are less than 24 hours to go. Let's keep crunching until the end! :USA:


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Congratulations to all my teammates participating in the challenge! Our 3rd place finish in the WCG 16th Birthday Challenge is fantastic! Great teamwork people!


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Yep, it's official! We opened in 4th and thanks to steady crunching were able to overtake SETI.Germany about halfway through the competition and place 3rd overall! This is the best we've done in this event, in fact we produced more points this year than in all previous years combined! :woot:


As you can see our previous best was 15th, which we achieved twice. We were just barely nudged out of 14th in 2019 by SNURK and Friends. Our best point tally was last year (2019). Congrats everyone for this amazing result! Congratulations also go to Team Anandtech (TAAT) and Planet 3D Now! (P3DNow!) for finishing 1st and 2nd respectively. They battled it out to the last hours.

As always we hope the project will see a great benefit from all this crunching. Hopefully we'll get to do this again next year.