2020 Pentathlon

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This thread is for discussion about the 2020 Pentathlon. I've sent team-wide messages on our top projects, hopefully most of you have received it at least once. Our participation depends on the survey results; I'll post that here and the discussion can continue at that time. PM me here or on almost any BOINC project if you have any questions.

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The results are in!

Gross percentage
Yes! I love competition - let's go USA! (01)​
Yes, if there's a lot of team interest. (02)​
No, I'd rather keep crunching my preferred projects at my own pace and schedule. (03)​
I'm on a team? (04)​

I was looking for something definitive, like 65-70% Yes to enter us, but this doesn't come close. It surprised me a little to see the No vote actually carried the majority. The Pentathlon requires a a lot of communication and willingness to juggle projects, and these numbers mean it's unlikely we could get a good result. Based on that I've decided not to enter us this year, and while I'm not ruling it out completely I'll be reluctant to enter us in any other event in the near future.

If I had it to do over I'd add some questions to get better detail on whether the No voters just didn't care for this particular event; maybe the duration or complexity was too much, or they just don't care about competition in general. If you voted no feel free to elaborate here if you want.

Thanks everyone who voted, I appreciate you taking the time. Now, it's time to.....CRUNCH ON! :USA:

Davin Rydberg

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I voted no but only because I am new at this. I only started boinc back in march for seti. When seti shut down switched to Einstein and Universe. I joined the team only april 13th. I am still learning a lot, and figuring out how to get my computers dialed in. Plus some of my computers aren't mine. I moved back in with my mother to help take care of her (several severe medical and mobility issues). just getting her 2 desktops ready for boinc was a chore. opened them up so much dust and cobwebs I swear was a fire hazard. Not to mention fans burnt out or others still working but bearing beginning to go out. lucky all she uses them for is to go online and print out food recipes :LOL:. otherwise would be fried already. so cleaned them up replaced couple fans. not to mention put on a better heat sink and repaste jobs. still trying to work out a couple other issues. then perhaps I will get some gpu cards for them. Also got a 10 year old Toshiba laptop and a couple old android phones that I now have a use for them. My real work horse though is my 2 year old Alienware 17 inch R4 laptop which has done over 90% of my credit. Luckily I already worked out extreme cooling measures for it so my nephew can play VR for hours on end. Needles to say I am competitive! its just right now I am still learning to swim and getting my hardware in order. Another factor is I just want to get some numbers up on these projects that I like. Some of you have been at this for over a decade, I am just out of the starting gate:ROFLMAO:

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Some of you have been at this for over a decade
Guilty as charged. :LOL: Hard to believe it's been that long.

I appreciate the feedback. Don't feel that just because you don't have a server or GPU farm your contribution isn't important. :) We haven't been doing competitions very long, only in the last three years or so, and there's some inertia to overcome. One of the main reasons we started doing them, besides the fun factor, was to improve the visibility of the team and help it grow. We've been growing a lot lately so the competitions probably aren't as important to growth as I thought they might be.