An Important Message From Rosetta@Home About Increased Run Times

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Via the Rosetta forum:

There is a Rosetta-specific preference that can only be configured via the website. It is called "Target CPU run time".

Previous values:
Default 8hrs
Minimum 1 hour
Maximum 24 hrs

New values:
Default 16hrs
Minimum 2 hours
Maximum 36 hrs

Work units will now be created with a 3 day delay_bound. This means that tasks will only be issued to machines that estimate they can complete the task in less than 3 days. It also means that if the task is not returned within 3 days, it will be reissued (and BOINC Manager will abort it on your machine). "

This increased run time will ease server load, but it also means BOINC is likely to download too much work when it's available. You should set a low cache to prevent this from happening.

In the BOINC Manager, under Options -> Computing Preferences -> Computing -> Other: Adjust Store at least N days of work and Store up to an additional N days of work. I usually recommend Store at least 1 day and Store up to a fraction of that. Most of the time I set these to 0.5 / 0.1 for my own machines. In this case, I would suggest setting it to match the new default run time of 16 hours: 16/24 = 0.66. Then set Store up to an additional to 0.33 or similar. BOINC will still download enough work to keep every available core / thread busy.

After some period of time if things are running smoothly you can increase this. Keep in mind some tasks have a deadline of three days, so it's best not to exceed that and I would stay below it just to be safe. You can still change the run time in your project preferences if extended run times won't work for you, but I encourage you to stick with the project's preferred option if possible.


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This is something we need to change manually now?

My mind is broken with Lyme disease and coinfections, I can't read more than few sentences most of the time and be able to comprehend or even remember...
I do know my computer has been acting real slow, it is only 4% slower than the fastest Intel processor right now..
I have pulled the spinners that Boinc was using so all my work is on hold, I ordered a 2T M.2 drive to move everything onto, after that I can return to crunching.
My computer also goes to sleep often, so not sure if that was messing with timers or not too.. cancelling jobs resending new jobs, etc causing extra work.. I see I have lots of work done in the manager, not connected to client now due to drives unplugged, or would have posted the stats..

Sorry but I need everything that I need to do in some step by step format with short summary as to the why I am doing it...
As in we need to modify computer settings on website so work is not destroyed.
1. Go to
2, change this
3. click save..

For everything I do not already know by heart, this is how I can learn to do things, or at least manage to get them done, from now on or it is too overwhelming..

Could any of these changes have given me issues on my end, one of the spinners that was storing data for project was only reading/writing at 2mb/s on partition where Boinc was working from. I have a 500g M.2 that does that over 1000 times faster but chose a spinner to use for project..
And I guess I did have room to run it there all along, and certainly will when the 2T M.2 arrives that moves data 3500mb/s ...

Anyhow that is why I did not join any new contests etc, as I need stuff spoonfed to me now as it just gives me a migraine trying to understand it otherwise... damn ticks,,, CG

edited- The machine was getting slow, blue circle, everything non-responsive, task manager did not show Boinc on top of any list for memory or cpu time, so not sure if this was issue or not but I was pressing reset button quite often due to my inability to shut down or restart computer, and I knew that could not go on too long without some major issues, hence reason bought the spendy 2T M.2...
I saw comment sin linked thread about how my machine would be 'taken over' so wondering if this was my issue or not..
I had loaded some VM software to run a GM service manual off eBay seller and was worried it put some backdoor and was about to format and reinstall as I could not find what was causing slowdowns...
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In your Rosetta "my account"
Under "Rosetta@home preferences"
2nd from bottom "Target CPU run time"
I can't figure how to send a screen shot here. Need more coffee.
I hope I understood you right. Again, I may need more coffee.
Stay well.

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Welcome to the forum! There are a few issues here.

1. You don't have to change the run time. If you haven't set it, as BeauZaux describes, your tasks will run using the project's setting. Right now the default is 8 hours, not 16. You've always had the option to set the run time. That hasn't changed. You just want to make sure that you can get the work done before the deadline.
  • If you shut the computer down often, I recommend setting the run time to a low value, probably no more than 4 hours.

2. The run time could be a problem if you have a large work cache.

  • Most Rosetta work now has a 3 day deadline and that's why the run time is more of a concern now.
  • In BOINC manager: Options -> Computing Preferences -> Store at least and Store up to Day of Work. I recommend these together add up to no more than a day for most people. You don't want them to be more than 3 days especially if the computer isn't on all the time.
3. Run time and cache should not make the computer run slower. This sounds like an overloaded CPU, or more likely RAM has filled up and it's using the disk swap.
  • Some Rosetta jobs can take a LOT of RAM. I recommend allowing at least 1.5 gigs per task to be safe. In BOINC manager: Options -> Computing Preferences -> set Use at Most n% of the CPUs to a value allowing for this. Example: A 4 core / 8 thread system using all 8 threads, allowing 1.5 gigs needs 8 * 1.5 = 12 gigs of RAM.
  • I recommend not using every available thread, save at least one for the OS especially if you like to use the computer for other things while crunching. Set Use at Most n% to 99 to save a thread.
  • In your case, you might try reducing Use at Most n% to something even lower, maybe 50, and see if it fixes your slow machine. If it's running smoothly start increasing until you find the limit.
If you are returning valid work and you don't have a problem meeting the deadline, then don't worry about changing anything. I couldn't find you in the team list so I can't see your machines.

Don't worry about contests and events, it's not a requirement or anything. I'm just trying to get a feel for the overall team interest. If it's not for you, no problem. :)


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The Rosetta jobs can take a LOT of RAM. I recommend allowing at least 1.5 gigs per task to be safe. In BOINC manager: Options -> Computing Preferences -> set Use at Most n% of the CPUs to a value allowing for this. Example: A 4 core / 8 thread system using all 8 threads, allowing 1.5 gigs needs 8 * 1.5 = 12 gigs of RAM.
Thank you Nick Name! Very good advice! I had to install 32g of 3600MHz ram to utilize the full potential of my Ryzen 3900X!!! 3900X

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Glad to have helped. To be clear, my RAM recommendation is a safety net, most jobs don't take that much. The project shouldn't be sending giant jobs to machines that can't handle them but it's good to have as much RAM as you can.


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After switching back and forth between 8 and 16-hour run-times, I have found a noticeable point increase-per-time with the 16-hour tasks, in case anyone cares.

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That's really interesting. My impression from my own machines and a few comments on the Rosetta boards was that the opposite would be true, shorter run times = more credit. I didn't do any real testing though. Rosetta's not a high credit project anyway but it's nice to know how to maximize it. :USA: