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9th BOINC Pentathlon - Day 14 - 18 May 2018

Day 14 - 18 May 2018

As we look into the faces we notice who tired and drawn they are. Once again, the last few metres will demand everything from the competitors. However, they’ve got to persevere as two disciplines are still outstanding.

Cross Country
The third Gold this year is going to SUSA who managed to cross the finish line at a comfortable pace. SG secured Silver with a brilliant final spurt and didn’t leave Team China a sliver of a chance. TC thus collected their third individual Bronze medal overall. Congratulations.

The final spurt of CNT turned out to be a bit meagre so that even #4 was wobbling. However, P3D didn’t pull it off on the home straight and had to contend with #5. [H] went over the finish line at #6 ahead of TAAT who at #7 stayed true to their form. AF (#8), OCN (#9) and RKN (#10) didn’t get scorched in the end.

LTT Forums finished at #11 in the field which was thus their best individual standing. Although Meisterkühler tried to intervene it didn’t make a difference for them in the end at #12. BOINC@MIXI managed to salvage #13 as BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#14) threatened with excess tempo. The same goes for Crunching@EVGA whose final spurt resulted in #15. In the end, neither 2ch (#16) nor BOINC.Italy (#17) were able to follow such concentrated power.

For BOINC@Poland rank #18 didn’t get torched because neither USA (#19) nor AMD Users (#20) were in a position to start the fire. In addition, both LITOMYSL (#21) and UK BOINC Team (#22) were able to cross the finish line in a relaxed manner. That’s not something the teams behind could do. On the home straight, BOINC Confederation grabbed #23 and gave BOINCstats (#24) quite a shock. And behind, Ukraine (#25) had a fulminant last day and gave Crystal Dream no chance.

SETIKAH cross the finish line at #27, followed by BOINC@Pfalz (#28). The expected attack by U.S. Army (#29) did not happen in the end. That allowed even Das Kartell (#30) to move closer. Chinese Dream arrived at #31 and didn’t seem to be getting on too well with GPUs.

What’s going to happen here in the next few hours? SUSA’s advantage is large and to catch up to them would be a feat compared to climbing Mount Everest. P3D (#2) are currently still trying to make the impossible possible. However, there’s serious danger behind in double measure. TC (#3) and [H] (#4) could potentially shake up the podium with a powerful final sprint and thus cause the Green Planet to quickly wilt.

SG should be safe at #5 as well as OCN at #6. TAAT (#7) can’t be sure yet that CNT aren’t going to decide to shake off #8 and AF at (#9) aren’t that impossibly far behind. The last team able to push their way into the Top 10 will be decided between MK (#10) and AMD Users (#11). Both are only separated by a whisker. Who knows, even RKN (#12) might still harbour ambitions, it wouldn’t be impossible. On the other hand, #13 seems to constitute maximum outcome for BOINC@AUSTRALIA #13. They’ve so far been able to keep USA behind them at #14 without any great difficulty whereby the Americans are almost completely exhausted standing up. Chinese Dream (#15) could still use that to their advantage.

Crunching@EVGA were already made to feel the power of the Chinese and currently find themselves at #16 and should at least not let BOINC.Italy (#17) out of sight. It might get tight on the finish line for the Ukraine, currently at #18, as BOINC@MIXI (#19) have powered a little closer. At this time, 2ch have secured #20. Behind are UK BOINC Team (#21), BOINCstats (#22), LTT Forums (#23) and Das Kartell (#24), all keeping together. The Brits have a small advantage, the trio behind don’t leave each other any leeway. The organisers would do well to calibrate the camera for the photo finish.

LITOMYSL are holding on to #25 and should be safe from Crystal Dream (#26). The Dreamers’ point of departure now looks a bit uncomfortable as BOINC@Poland (#27), SETIKAH (#28) and BOINC Confederation (#29) are all perfectly capable of an attack. This would be possible but not expected from U.S. Army (#30) and BOINC@Pfalz (#31).

City Run
It continues to be difficult to work out the standard track at the Pentathlon. SUSA lead and will most likely make the race safe with an expected spurt at the end but what’s happening behind? P3D cannot be assured of Silver as TC (#3) cannot be dismissed and SG (#4) and CNT (#5) have most likely still got their pockets full. AF #6 can enjoy the spectacle from the Rooster’s best vantage point. TAAT (#7) won’t most likely pose a threat and hope that [H] (#8) don’t return.

It took just one twitch of their muscles for RKN (#9) to whizz past OCN (#10), LITOMYSL (#11) and USA (#12). There appears to be no going back or forth for BOINC.Italy (#13). This gives the Italians a great spot from where to view the action behind them. SETIKAH (#14) have come under pressure from MK (#15) and who knows, maybe even BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#16) can get back into the mix. The kangaroos have just managed to rush past Chinese Dream (#17). Behind then follow Crunching@EVGA (#18), Ukraine (#19) and AMD Users (#20).

BOINC@Poland are currently at #21 and need to guard against BOINCstats (#22). And even BOINC@MIXI (#23), 2ch (#24), Crystal Dream (#25) and also Das Kartell (#26) will not be giving up quite so easily. The end of the field is led by LTT Forums (#27) who managed to slip past UK BOINC Team (#28). Lying in wait behind are BOINC Confederation (#29). The duo of U.S. Army (#30) and BOINC@Pfalz (#31) are clinging to each other and can see SETI.Bitola (#32) far behind them.

Have all the medals been allocated? At least Gold will certainly go to SUSA. Otherwise the distances seem large but as the City Run could get a bit chaotic, nothing can be dismissed at this stage. P3D will want to defend #2 but TC (#3) might want to put a spoke in their wheel. Even SG (#4) have still got a chance to win Bronze but will need others to help with that. However, CNT should do everything to defend #5 as [H] (#6) could still affect a change of places here.

TAAT at #7 must continue to keep an eye on AF (#8). On the other hand, OCN (#9) have lost a little ground and must put aside any further ambitions they might have had. RKN will most likely cross the finish line at #10. It’s looking good for MK (#11) but as BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#12) are beginning to excel at the City Run, it could still get pretty tight here. Behind, USA (13) and BOINC.Italy (#14) are only separated by one position which will make a long day for both. Behind are Crunching@EVGA at #15.

Neck and neck continue Chinese Dreams (#16), LTT Forums (#17) and AMD Users (#18). BOINC@Poland at #19 would be able to push up to their ranks but their previous performance leaves that in doubt. LITOMYSL (#20) have nabbed 2ch (#21) and removed themselves further from Ukraine (#22) and SETIKAH (#23).

Behind, on equal points, close together and fighting it out are UK BOINC Team (#24) and BOINCstats (#25). It remains to be seen if that continues or if there isn’t a split on the cards soon.

Das Kartell must fear for #27 as BOINC Confederation (#28) have closed in and are now in overtaking distance. Although Crystal Dream (#29) are trying to contain Confederation, it remains to be seen if they can succeed. U.S. Army (#30), BOINC@Pfalz (#31) and SETI.Bitola (#32) are bringing up the rear of the field.

What questions are left?
- Who will claim the medal in the City Run?
- Can [H] take Bronze in the Marathon?
- Must SG be content with sheet metal in the Overall Standings?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the BOINC Pentathlon.



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Jeeper SG said:
9th BOINC Pentathlon - The End Part 1 - 19 May 2018

The End - Part 1

The deed is done. All participants can give themselves a pat on the back for the 9th time as hardware, body and soul have been taken to their limit and often beyond. Some of you may have redrawn your boundary of endurance. It’s now time to recuperate and to look back at the events of the last few days.

As is customary, the report will appear in two parts. Part 1 will deal with the outcome of the disciplines whereas part 2 following behind will be concerned with the Overall Standings.

City Run
This discipline which takes us over the traditional route ended surprisingly quiet. The great bunker battle failed to materialize which gave us an insight into how exhausted the teams were. SUSA won the City Run and were not even being pressured by any of their rivals. P3D took Silver ahead of Team China. Congratulations to the medal winners.

Though they tried their hardest, SG remained at #4 but as there was no challenge by CNT (#5), there was thus no danger from behind. AF can also be content with #6 which shows what a great race the Francophones had. Rank #7 did of course go to TAAT who were an example of consistency this year. [H] were left with #8 and at that with a great margin. Had they been prepared to sacrificed this, it might have been enough to reach Bronze at the Marathon.

With a final spurt, RKN snatched rank 9 and thus relegated OCN to #10. It’s the first time this year that the Overclocker’s position isn’t in single figures. LITOMYSL should be popping the corks, rank 11; it took me a while to find another example of such a good standing at a discipline. In 2014 we find them at 10th place in our history and thus #11 is by a long way the second best achievement of this team at a Pentathlon ever.

Rank 12 goes to USA ahead of BOINC.Italy (#13). On the final day, Meisterkühler were able to show improvement to claim #14 and thus ditched SETIKAH (#15). For the Koreans this is not a reason to cry as this ranking is this year’s highlight for them. Next over the finish line follow Chinese Dream (#16) and in so doing, they left BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#17) behind them. This year, the City Run constituted Australia’s weak point, on the other hand, last year, rank 17 at the Cross Country was the team’s best individual ranking; there’s going to be a lot of lamenting at the highest level.

Rank 18 goes to the Ukraine. Here too, the final spurt was the deciding factor. It thus allowed them to run past Crunching@EVGA (#19). AMD Users secured #20. Behind them, BOINC@Poland dragged themselves over the finish line at #21. Just in time as BOINC@MIXI (#22) were advancing at quite a tempo having already steamrollered BOINCstats (#23) and 2ch (#25). Crystal Dream were able to get into the fray and improved their standing to #24.

Das Kartell (#26), however, preferred peace and quiet, their attack did not happen. Indeed, there was no threat from behind. Although LTT Forums improved onto #27, the margin was already quite pronounced. Thus, UK BOINC Team had to content with #28 but were able to leave BOINC Confederation (#29), US Army (#30), BOINC@Pfalz (#31) and SETI.Bitola (#32) behind them.

Victory went to SUSA and thus in the 5th Discipline for this year. They made their intentions known on the very first day and as the assembled competitors didn’t dare to rough things up, couldn’t in the end avert the American win. Silver went to P3D who were able to keep Team China off their backs in the end. Congratulations.

In the end, [H] were left with only #4. It looks as if they felt secure far too soon and invested too many resources in the City Run. This shows us once again why tactics can be so decisive in the Pentathlon. SG had the luxury of trundling along in the last few metres as #5 couldn’t still be taken from them. This also applied perfectly to OCN who crossed the finish line at #6 and in so doing, recorded the best individual result in this year’s Pentathlon.

TAAT were able to secure #7 in the end as neither CNT (#8) nor AF (#9) had the power to influence that. Behind, the photo finish had to decide the order. MK or AMD Users, that was the question. It was enough for Meisterkühler in the end for #10. Even though AMD Users (#11) didn’t manage the jump into the Top 10 they were able to celebrate their achievement along with MK because it was the best ranking for both this year.
Not in any danger behind, RKN collected #12 and thereby completed the dozen. Chinese Dreams managed to turn on the heat and BOINC@AUSTRALIA had to sweat it out for a bit. With a final spurt, the Chinese collected #13 and must have given BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#14) quite a surprise at the finish. This end spurt topped off the Chinese in their first Pentathlon and brought them up to #15 in the Overall Standings.

There was no resistance to this Chinese onslaught by USA (#15) and Crunching@EVGA (#16). Even behind there were no changes to record in the end. BOINC.Italy claimed #17, ahead of Ukraine (#18). Their best result at a CPU-discipline this year showed BOINC@MIXI (#19) ahead of 2ch (#20) and UK BOINC Team (#21).

That lively fight by the trio at #22 has now been decided. Das Kartell (#22) came out on top, LTT Forums (#23) finished in the middle which left BOINCstats (#24) at the bottom. LITOMYSL (#25) had quite a lot of fun behind, being the silent spectator. The end of the field is led by Crystal Dream (#26) ahead of BOINC@Poland (#27) who didn’t seem to be true fans of the long track. Then follow SETIKAH (#28) who also had their weak point. BOINC Confederation (#29), U.S. Army (#30) and BOINC@Pfalz (#31) conclude the field of teams which started.

End of Part 1


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Jeeper SG said:
9th BOINC Pentathlon - The End Part 2 - 20 May 2018

The ninth BOINC Pentathlon is over

After two exciting weeks the ninth BOINC Pentathlon ended on 19 May 2018. 32 teams gave it their all in 5 disciplines.

A big thank you to the operators of this year's Pentathlon projects, as the competition would not have been possible without their support: NumberFields@home (Marathon), Universe@Home (Swimming), Rosetta@home (Sprint), Asteroids@home (City Run) and PrimeGrid (Cross Country).

We'd also like to thank all participants and are looking forward to seeing you again at the tenth BOINC Pentathlon starting on 05 May 2019.

For your convenience there is a feedback page for hints, criticisms, wishes and suggestions to take on board for the next time:

Jeeper is now having a look at this year's Pentathlon results. All figures can be found here:

The End - Part 2

Before I start with the analysis I would like to thank Modesti and Susanne whole-heartedly. Modesti claims responsibility for the translations into French and Susanne for those into English. The translations contribute substantially to the enjoyment of the Pentathlon by crunchers on a global scale. Many thanks to you both for this work!

It’s not so easy to categorize this year’s Pentathlon. 5 teams collected medals, last year there were 6. SETI.USA were even more dominant than last year. However, it was never dull. This year, it was plain to see how gripping individual disciplines could be and that the Overall Standings don’t necessarily have to be all that matters.

32 Teams were at the start, amongst them three newcomers (Chinese Dream, LTT Forums and U.S. Army) who have put up a good show. At the disciplines, NumberFields@home made its debut on the stage. All projects endured throughout valiantly. A big thank you to those responsible for all their support throughout.

And now for the final analysis of the 9th BOINC Pentathlon. The rankings in brackets correspond to the sequence: Swimming (Universe@Home), Sprint (Rosetta@home), Cross Country (PrimeGrid), City Run (Asteroids@home), Marathon (NumberFields@home).

Gold Medal

1. SETI.USA (1-1-1-1-1) – previous year: #1

There’s nothing left to write about. They cleared the lot. 5 times Gold, you can’t do better than that. The Americans entered the stage as dominant as we’ve never seen a team before and their victory in the overall standings was never really endangered. A strong start showing their competitors where the rubber hits the road and then controlling the situation, that was the successful tactic this year.

Silver Medal

2. Planet 3DNow! (2-2-5-2-2) – previous year: #2

4 times Silver, no other team has ever managed this. Once again they succeeded in mobilizing their reservists as no other team. The Green Planet were the only team able to keep up reasonably well with SETI.USA. However, their GPU-weakness continues to be a problem. That’s something they need to address urgently as it will otherwise not be possible to beat the Americans, not to forget about the rivals from China.

Bronze Medal

3. Team China (3-6-3-3-3) – previous year: #3

A little better every year. That has applied to Team China for years. 4 times Bronze this year. They thus doubled their medal collection. However, they could have pushed for even more. It’s the mysterious weakness at this year’s Sprint that cost them valuable points. They would otherwise have crowded the Green Planet. Next year, they will no doubt be favourites for Silver and maybe even strive for more.

4. SETI.Germany (5-5-2-4-5) – previous year: #4
They did their duty with Silver at the Cross Country. But more than that wasn’t to be achieved and in the end, they were a touch too slow. It needed more effort to claim medals at the disciplines or maybe even the courage and finesse for brave tactical manoeuvres. However, they are to be reckoned with where graphic cards are in play and there’s still scope for improvement.

5. Czech National Team (9-3-4-5-8) – previous year: #7
This time the Czechs had a better year compared to the last. Whilst they were left without medals last year, they are now in the books with a Bronze at Sprint. However, it was noticeable that the disciplines that were started first became their weak point. On the other hand, this might be the reason why a Bronze at Sprint was even possible. In addition, they were generally always in the middle of the fights for the top places.

6. [H]ard|OCP (6-4-6-8-4) – previous year: #12
It was their best ever achievement at a Pentathlon so far. It ought to give rise to celebrations. If it wasn’t for the Marathon. A tactical error there cost them Bronze. That was a real shame as they were so deserving of a medal. At least they aren’t the only ones that has happened to. They will learn from it and be amongst the hot candidates for individual medals next year.

7. TeAm AnandTech (7-7-7-7-7) – previous year: #10
This is also the best performance for TeAm AnandTech this far. 5 times rank 7 tells us just about everything we need to know. I had to go back to 2010 to find an equally good ranking. And wouldn’t you know, it was rank 7. This year their strength was their stability and was rightfully rewarded. To add, it’s interesting to see how they got better year on year since 2015. Their rivals should keep them on their radar!

8. L'Alliance Francophone (4-11-8-6-9) – previous year: #8
Rank 4 at Swimming made us sit up and take notice but that was followed by severe instability. The good outcome at Swimming might have been the cause of the weak performance at the Sprint. For the third time in a row, they finish the Pentathlon at rank 8. They are always good for a surprise but do attract attention on account of their fluctuating performances. It would make more sense if they let the Overall Standings go and invested everything in a discipline. That had nearly worked for them at Swimming.

9. (8-8-9-10-6) – previous year: #6’s performance wasn’t as strong as expected. With their sensational win at Cross Country last year they didn’t get anywhere near the medals this year. Realistically, they weren’t performing any worse than last year, however, their rivals have become stronger and have pulled ahead. They’ve got to be very careful here and shore up, otherwise it will be difficult to hold on to the Top 10 in future.

10. (10-9-10-9-12) – previous year: #9
The Rechenkraftlers have been moving along at around rank 10 for years and this year was no exception. Rank 10 was never in any danger which was also due to the fact that the Rechenkraftlers didn’t allow themselves any weaknesses. Consistency will definitely be rewarded at the Pentathlon. That may sound a bit uninteresting but has done the job for them well for years.

11. Meisterkühler (13-16-12-14-10) – previous year: #13
Meisterkühler had a slightly better run this year. The small drop at the Sprint didn’t cause any damage and was evened out by rank 10 at the Marathon. Compared with last year the results were only marginally better but that was enough to forge ahead in the hard fought over midfield.

12. BOINC@AUSTRALIA (12-14-14-17-14) - previous year: #22
This year the Australians went to work with far more engagement. They only showed a slight weakness at the City Run. It was noticeable how they started at a slow pace but then continued to plough through the field at a steady pace. They had their best result right at the start with Schwimming.

13. USA (17-10-19-12-15) - previous year: #14
On equal points with BOINC.Italy, USA secured rank 10 at the Sprint and rank 13 in the Overall Standings. Their Achilles’ heel seems to be at the GPU, rank 19 at the Cross Country cost them points. They need to pay attention or be pipped to the post by their rivals.

14. BOINC.Italy (14-12-17-13-17) – previous year: #17
Better than last year, so the Italians can be content. However, Marathon and Cross Country prevented a better standing. They are certainly in a position to get involved nearer the top which they’ve been able to demonstrate in the past.

15. Chinese Dream (16-15-31-16-13) - previous year: NEW
Best newcomer this year are Chinese Dream. However, the zero point finish at the Cross Country cost them valuable points and position. If they could manage to improve on this they could easily move up into the front of the middle field and teach their competitors the meaning of fear. In the end, rank 13 at the Marathon was the trigger for rank 15.

16. Crunching@EVGA (15-21-15-19-16) - previous year: #19
I would normally only analyse the first 15 ranks. However, as Crunching@EVGA crossed the finish line on equal points with Chinese Dream, I’ll make an exception. Sprint and City Run were the weak points this year. However, as there was no breakaway to the front, there wasn’t any more in it this time round.

17. LTT Forums (18-13-11-27-23) – previous year: NEW
18. AMD Users (22-18-20-20-11) - previous year: #23
19. BOINC@Poland (11-20-18-21-27) - previous year: --
20. LITOMYSL (19-26-21-11-25) - previous year: #24
21. Team 2ch (25-17-16-25-20) - previous year: --
22. BOINC@MIXI (26-24-13-22-19) - previous year: #20
23. Ukraine (20-23-25-18-18) - previous year: #21
24. SETIKAH@KOREA (24-22-27-15-28) - previous year: #27
25. UK BOINC Team (29-19-22-28-21) - previous year: #29
26. BOINCstats (21-25-24-23-24) - previous year: #18
27. Das Kartell (23-29-30-26-22) - previous year: #26
28. Crystal Dream (28-28-26-24-26) - previous year: --
29. BOINC Confederation (27-27-23-29-29) - previous year: #16
30. U.S. Army (31-30-29-30-30) - previous year: NEW
31. BOINC@Pfalz (30-31-28-31-31) - previous year: #30
32. SETI.Bitola (32-o-o-32-o) - previous year: #32
(o = without credits)

By the way, 11 teams have taken part in all Pentathlons:
AMD Users, BOINC.Italy, BOINCstats, Czech National Team, L'Alliance Francophone, Team, Planet 3DNow!, SETI.Germany, SETI.USA, Ukraine, Team China.

And here a few more sound bites from the statistics section:
- SETI.USA have now got the most comprehensive collection with 35 Individual Medals, amongst them 15 x Gold
- Planet 3DNow! have got the most Silver Medals in their trophy cabinet: 16
- SETI.Germany can rejoice, having won the most Bronze Medals: 9
- 5 times Overall Victory was claimed by Planet 3DNow!

All questions have been answered this year. However, there are already new ones for next year:
- Can Team China reach for Gold?
- Will [H]ard|OCP claim their first medal?
- Which team will take us by surprise?

As you can see, it will once again be exciting at the 10th BOINC Pentathlon - from 05 May 2019.

Yours Jeeper

Until 05 May 2019!