BOINC Pentathlon 2019



Dear Members of BOINC Team USA ,

here we go again. From 05 May to 19 May, the tenth BOINC Pentathlon will impose the known, but also new challenges, and SETI.Germany warmly invites all enthusiast teams to join.

While the basic concept of five disciplines at five projects of course remains untouched, there are again some innovations: Javelin Throw is a fresh and new discipline and requires the teams to cleverly split their resources, as the rankings are not based on the sum of all points, but only on each team's third best day out of five (not necessarily consecutive) days. This year's Marathon will take place at a subproject of the World Community Grid chosen by the project administrators. The preferences of the participating teams are taken into account, with some limitations, for choosing the projects for the other disciplines.

Until 27 April, the teams can sign up and vote for their favorite projects. So, don't be shy and join:

It will be exciting again at the BOINC Pentathlon!

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Looks like some new blood will be atop the winners podium this year. Our friends over at SUSA are conspicuously quiet. Maybe they figured they couldn't improve on last year's sweep.


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USA team member
I took a look through the chatbox--looks like TSBT is SUSA this year. Major crunchers from SUSA and XS moved to TSBT for the pentathlon.