Forum Upgrade to 2.2.5 Coming Soon + Security News

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Either tomorrow or Monday (5-16 / 5-17) I'll be upgrading the forum. This is an important update to resolve potential issues with reCAPTCHA services for new user registration:

This release also changes the default CAPTCHA method from reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha. If you are unable to upgrade to this release, you may need to change your CAPTCHA settings to avoid disruption.

XenForo has used reCAPTCHA as its default CAPTCHA provider to help mitigate spam and bot actions without requiring our customers to go through additional configuration. Recently, we have been informed that restrictions may be placed on the reCAPTCHA key included in XenForo. This may lead to CAPTCHAs not being enforced or failing to validate.

In other news, there is now some security software running on the server. This is not specific to the forum, rather it's a service running on the site host. You may be prompted to complete a reCAPTCHA to access the site / forum now, especially if you're using a VPN or proxy. Let me know if this is causing problems for you.