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I have a Windows Desktop dedicated to F@H and I am thinking of buying a GPU card to increase the processing capacity. Could you please give me some suggestions of compliant models with a good cost-benefit ratio? Thank you very much in advance and God bless USA!

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I have an Rx 590 that gets around 500k/day, if it can be kept busy. Lately I've been having a problem with the work fetch hanging and the card going idle until I restart the client but that's a different problem. Anyway I paid around $150 for that card, I think that's pretty good value. I haven't checked lately but when I first started the newer Navi cards weren't reported on the Folding forum as being very productive. That's probably due to driver problems, AMD has a pretty good record of improving that over time but it does take awhile.

Nvidia, I'd look at the 2060 series, or maybe even 2070/80 as the Super cards have pushed those prices down a bit. If you're concerned about power the 1660 series will be hard to beat. There's supposed to be a CUDA client coming out, it should be more productive for Nvidia cards than the current app.

You can also check the used market. There's not much of a local market for good gear in my area. I've had very good success buying used hardware on Ebay.

If you want a card to also support BOINC and want to run every BOINC project, remember GPUGrid is Nvidia-only.

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The RTX 2060 KO at $300 looks to be the sweet spot for performance per dollar and watt. A used GTX 1060 at $130 looks good as well. After those two I'd go for any other RTX 2000-series card.