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Long time cruncher. Took a long hiatus but I'm back. I don't run a special rig, don't crunch at 100% CPU due to the heat build up in my office, especially in summer and the age of my CPU and I don't crunch 24x7. But I do what I can with what I got. (y) I run a Xeon E3-1245 and MSI RX 580 ARMOR MK2 OC 8GB GPU. CPU is dated but it works for my gaming needs. I have a mild Overclock/undervolt on my GPU for Einstien@home. Core: 1400MHz and I VRAM: 2100MHz. Gotta love the Radeon profiles. My active projects are : Einstien@home, MLC@Home, Rosetta@home, TN-Grid and World Communite Grid. \m/. Im signed up for Citizen Science Grid and but I get very little work from them. I'm hooked into Team USA on all my active projects.

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USA team member
Awesome, great to have you here! We have a variety of crunchers, from some running big servers to some just running a handful of Android devices. Everyone is welcome! Like I always say, every credit counts! :USA: