Hello from the Pacific Northwest.


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I have always been a big fan of science. I truly enjoyed the show "How the Universe Works" and seeing science in action. Since I am from the "drinking from the hose" generation, I can be very opinionated. Opinions with some facts. I have always loved science but was not smart enough to do any formal schooling. So I let my computer just sit and crunch numbers. It is a shame that there is no graphics to go with the number crunching. Like when I did the SETI@home project. Anyway glad to be here.

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Welcome to the forum, great to have you with us! I don't know if any projects currently have screensavers or not I think Einstein used to, but years ago running the screensavers taxed the GPU and lowered output. I turned them all off when I found that out. :D What projects are you crunching now that SETI is gone?


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Oh I am crunching universeathome and einsteinathome. and milkywayathome. I have always been interested in the stars. I am a big sci-fi and fantasy geek. I remember when I was 10 or 11 and I saw an old 50's movie that had spaceships with lasers attacking earth from the moon and thought that was so cool. Also me and my dad were Star Trek fanatics. Then Star Wars came out in the late 70's and I was officially hooked. I read everything I could get my hands on to learn as much about space as I could. I watched every Carl Sagan's show "COSMOS". But alas, as I grew older, I found that I did not have the intelligence to get good enough grades to go to college. So I opted for the next best thing....watch Sci-Fi flicks and when I learned about SETIathome...well, I took it as a challenge.
SO I just look for the "spacey" projects to do. I am not really interested in mapping the human geneome, or disease things. That seems too much like biology which I detested when I had to take it in high-school. Also doing the whole algebraic number crunching to find a 149 digit number thing is too much like algebra and geometry (which I got a "D" in when I was in High-School.
So, spacey things it is for me. I also was doing asteroids at home til they ran out of work for my computer. So, here I am.