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Great to hear! I've just been running the single RX 590, honestly haven't paid much attention to it, I just let it run. 1500 watts is quite a bit of juice, are you using dual power supplies? You don't have to run them all, it's ok to just run a couple if you want. :D


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Yes, I have dual power supplies on the miner. I have a 1250 watt OCZ ZX for the motherboard/CPU and two HD 7990s, and I have just two HD 7990s on an OCZ ZX 1000. The power factor is better at 50% of rated load. Running fewer GPUs does not compute in my brain. :) [ Edit] I had to reduce folding slots from eight to 4. The LED lights in the room were blinking due to low voltage indicating that my home wiring was overloaded. I have considered 240-volt outlets for the miner. The power supplies are rated for input of 90 to 264 Volts AC.[/EDIT]

I am also running an AMD 7790 (not 7990) in my desktop computer. It is very efficient and returns about 140,000 ppd overclocked @1155 MHz. The 7990s do not overclock well, so they are at 1000 MHz, mostly due to heat.
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