RTX 3080 Ti BOINC Performance

Jason Jung

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I was lucky enough to get my hands on a RTX 3080 Ti; specifically the Gigabyte GV-N308TAORUS M-12GD. After running tasks for various projects here is the estimated points per day:

ProjectSub-Project/AppSingle Task PPDDual Tasks PPD
PPS Sieve4,045,2004,936,515
PrimegridGenefer 17 Mega358,529374,826
Einsteinhsgamma_FGRPB1G1,360,800Computation Errors

If anyone wants me to test out another project for comparison let me know.
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Jason Jung

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If GPUGRID doesn't have consistent work in the fall I'll probably do Folding@home again.

Jason Jung

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Without much happening this week I thought I'd play around with MSI Afterburner. Most of the time my 3080 Ti is power limited. Seems to be the main limiting factor for this generation of cards from Nvidia. What I've landed on saves quite a bit of power and gets similar performance to stock. Slightly better in the Time Spy and Port Royal benchmarks but slightly worse in Fire Strike.

Stock core clock curve goes up to 2010 MHz at 1075 mV.

I've set the core clock to -75 then adjusted the curve at 925 mV up to 1905 MHz (+60). +500 MHz memory clock. 100% power limit.

ProjectStock PPDPower UsageOC PPDOC Power Usage
PrimeGrid - Genefer 17 Mega358,529349W344,107243W
PrimeGrid - WW3,676,595397W3,770,181343W
Einstein x23,070,523*388W3,039,350*297W

* Einstein has a quota of 680 tasks per day per GPU, or something like that, so you can't actually reach these numbers until they raise the limit.

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Amazing! I was reading a little about the upcoming 40xx cards and while performance is expected to be off the charts, power consumption is a major concern. Hopefully tricks like this will help.