PrimeGrid Special caution regarding the upcoming Heptadecagenarian challenge


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In a few days, PrimeGrid will be running its first challenge of the 2022 season. In one important way, this challenge is different than any other challenge we've ever run before. While the challenge is for both GFN-17-Low and GFN-17-MEGA, the main purpose of this challenge is to finish off the GFN-17-Low sub-project. This means that we will almost certainly run out of tasks for GFN-17-Low during the challenge. It's even possible GFN-17-Low will run out of tasks before the challenge even starts. For this reason, it's important that participants also select GFN-17-MEGA, otherwise there is a significant risk that computers will run out of tasks during the challenge. The challenge starts on January 17th, at 17:17:00 UTC, and will run for three days, ending on January 20th at 17:16:59. The forum thread for the challenge is located here.

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