MLC@Home [TWIM Notes] Jul 25, 2020


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This Week in MLC@Home notes for Jul 25, 2020

A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home.

  • We've more than doubled the number of host participating in the project, up to 1100 active hosts!
  • Relatedly, MLC@Home Is now listed on the official BOINC project page
  • We've started processing some of the data, for Dataset 1, and hope to have some preliminary results to share later this week
  • Datasets 1 and 2 are continue crunching away, see the live status on
  • Dataset 3 is in internal testing, and will be even larger. Expect a more complete writeup of what these results are soon
  • The project has secured a Raspberry Pi 4, and will be working on an ARM client. No timeline available yet.
  • You can now follow MLC@Home on Twitter: @MLCHome2
  • Lots of discussion on the forum related to validation errors for a small number of results (less than 1%), but are being addressed as they are uncovered, see the forum threads under "Issue Discussion"
  • A new server is being ordered!

  • Current work status at time of posting:
    Tasks ready to send: 81035
    Tasks in progress: 15139

    As always, you can see the current project status on the project main page at

    Thanks for contributing!
    -- The MLC@Home Admins

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