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Notes for Nov 23 2020
A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home

BoincNetwork did a podcast introducing MLC@Home! You can listen to the episode, including some comments from your MLC Admins, at Thanks to all those at BoincNetwork for taking an interest in us.

Last week we pivoted towards analysis and writing. However, we did take one last crack at Linux/CUDA support, and surprisingly that seems to have done the trick. We've released Linux/CUDA support to the main mlds-gpu queue. There are some trade-offs with the new client though, especially with regards to disk space required.

We're also released Linux/ROCm AMD GPU support to mldstest, but it is currently only enabled for VEGA 56/64 GPUs, and requires a Linux 5.0.0 kernel or greater. Please see the link in the News section below for more details.

We also spent some time overhauling the MLDS Dataset page on the main website. It's still not done, but a little less outdated than it was, and is preparing for more releasing the first rounds of datasets. With that and some more analysis, we're working towards our first Dataset paper. More news below:

  • More details on the updated Linux GPU support, both CUDA and ROCm, and it is here:
  • The latest GPU clients drop the AppImage requirement. CPU clients still use it, but it may make sense to drop it there too. See the above thread for the associated trade-offs.
  • DS1+DS2 continue to march towards completion. Only Parity and EightBit workunits left! Keep it up!
  • DS3 progress is approaching milestone 2, 1000x100.. approaching 100000 DS3 networks trained. That will definitely help with our ongoing analysis. It's nice to see the scoreboard at the bottom of turning from yellow to green!
  • Updates MLDS Dataset page here:, you can see how we're currently planning to split up the datasets for release.
  • We've starting writing a dataset paper this week, and hope to get back to preparing dataset 4 this week.

  • Project status snapshot:
    (note these numbers are approximations)

    Tasks ready to send 28803
    Tasks in progress 19629

    With credit 1251
    Registered in past 24 hours 57

    With recent credit 2156
    Registered in past 24 hours 19
    Current GigaFLOPS 36126.42

    Dataset 1 and 2 progress:

    SingleDirectMachine 10002/10004
    EightBitMachine 10001/10006
    SingleInvertMachine 10001/10003
    SimpleXORMachine 10000/10002
    ParityMachine 1031/10005

    ParityModified 348/10005
    EightBitModified 6910/10006
    SimpleXORModified 10005/10005
    SingleDirectModified 10004/10004
    SingleInvertModified 10002/10002

    Dataset 3 progress:

    Overall (so far): 75935/84376
    Milestone 1, 100x100: 10000/10000
    Milestone 2, 100x1000: 75935/100000
    Milestone 3: 100x10000: 75935/1000000

    Last week's TWIM Notes: Nov 17 2020

    Thanks again to all our volunteers!

    -- The MLC@Home Admins(s)
    Twitter: @MLCHome2

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