** UPDATE ** USA is 10th in World (RAC) - Einstein@home!

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What a fever! Dear Captain @Nick Name ... What exactly is happening? Thirst for competition? :ROFLMAO:
Yes. :LOL: Also, with the recent winter chill I can run everything at 100% and not have the office feel like the tropics. :ROFLMAO:
I guess I started this mess, so I'd say it's time to walk away. We proved we can make a difference, but I have to agree with Ronnie, whats the point?
It was fun on the way up, not so much on the way down.... :unsure:
I think we've achieved about as much as we can so if folks want to get back to their normal routine that's fine. That's my plan when I get to the 200 mil mark. Hopefully we can maintain a top ten spot though.


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I'm still climbing. Just crossed over to # 11. I will let it ride a bit more and see how high up the list I can get :)
And I will remain full force at Folding@home. We are now at 487th place.


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Top teams​

Rank Name Recent average credit Total Credit Country Members
1 GPU Users Group 114,903,892.18 45,276,831,566 International 57
2 Ellison Crunchers 65,581,945.89 73,490,891,099 Australia 198
3 Gridcoin 35,668,469.95 73,668,741,497 International 5,520
4 Russia Team 18,837,206.07 22,692,368,903 Russia 1,013
5 Planet 3DNow! 17,654,979.82 13,661,762,767 Germany 1,085
6 USA 16,080,040.68 11,681,593,400 United States 2,277
7 The Scottish Boinc Team 15,603,915.17 3,615,424,165 United Kingdom 294
8 BOINC@AUSTRALIA 15,553,739.47 20,741,807,264 Australia 1,438
9 Einstein@UMass-URI 14,568,812.72 25,789,513,958 United States 272
10 The Planetary Society 13,112,679.44 17,549,185,377 International 591