Thanks for visiting BOINC team USA's page dedicated to distributed computing projects focused on human health and disease. We donate computer time, mainly by using the BOINC program, to projects that are researching a variety of conditions:

At the time of this writing there is research on the coronavirus COVID-19 as well. You can donate both CPU and GPU resources (depending on the project) to help scientists working on these important problems, and possibly your Android Smartphone as well!

Team USA has been a top team on these projects over the years, especially Rosetta@Home and Our goals are to continue advancing this important research by keeping our rank on these projects, and growing our presence at World Community Grid and Folding@Home. We'd be honored if you'd join us and help our efforts to end these terrible conditions afflicting so many lives. Together we CAN make a difference, one CPU cycle at a time!

If you're not sure what this is about or how you can contribute, click here!

Download the BOINC client here. Linux users are advised to install from the repo.

Need help? Hit us up on our team forum or try the BOINC help forum.  Each project also has its own forum where you can get help.

Don't forget to join the team!