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Does anyone participate in this? I have a GQ GMC-320 Plus Geiger Counter connected to my laptop and want to send data to the project...but it seems that you have to build one per their design, and it doesn't seem that anyone's actively managing the project. GQ's software for sending data to GQ's site is all but worthless.

Anyone know how to get my unit to talk to the R@H module?

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I haven't looked at that project in quite some time. Right now the Upload/Download server shows being down so until that's fixed nothing is going to happen anyway. If I were going to try and run it I'd probably check on the forum for someone wanting to get rid of the sensor. If you really want to try and roll your own you might have to use the Anonymous Platform. That's usually used for unsupported or optimized CPU/GPU apps though.

[Edit]Looking thru some recent results, there is current work being returned, so it's not dead. Maybe just on life support. :D [/Edit]
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