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Removing BAM

Discussion in 'General' started by supdood, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. supdood

    supdood Well-Known Member USA team member

    Dos anyone have experience changing from an account manager (specifically in this case BAM) to managing projects individually? With the recent issues at BAM and the limited number of projects I'm on, I figured it would be a good time to stop using BAM as an account manager. I'm concerned about losing stats or getting multiple CPIDs or something similar, so any hints or advice anyone has would be appreciated.
  2. Nick Name

    Nick Name Moderator USA team member

    I don't have any idea. What problems are you having?
  3. supdood

    supdood Well-Known Member USA team member

    No problems crunching, thankfully, just with stats. Recently there have been problems with user IDs and indexing, and when projects switch URLs. It seems like Willy doesn't have much time to work on updates/fixes. based on the BAM forum, it looks like it might be as easy as detaching all hosts from all projects through the BAM interface, and then adding them all back manually through the host. I have a question in there about how to do this without having CPID issues.
  4. DrBob

    DrBob Administrator USA team member

    Make sure you have your oldest BOINC project (the one you have participated in the longest) attached on all of your boxen. Being the oldest project in your roster, its CPID should/will propagate to all other projects. This is the way I have done it for years. As long as all the projects have the same registered email address you should not see any duplicate CPIDs in your stats.
    The other option (a bit more cumbersome) is to make sure ALL of your BOINC Projects are attached to ALL of your machines.
  5. supdood

    supdood Well-Known Member USA team member

    Thanks for the advice, Dr Bob. I hope to have a clear weekend in a couple of weeks so that I can clear out the cache on every host and then detach and reattach without BAM.