Survey "Interaction of participants in voluntary computing"


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Dear colleagues,
Division “Community informatics” of the Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control" of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducts servey on the processes of interaction (collaboration) in solving problems of modern science.

It is well known that associations (teams) of participants in voluntary computing (VC) play an active role in the implementation of VC projects on the BOINC platform.

With the study of the Russian community, we interested to get an information of the motivation of the teamwork and collaboration of the members of the BOINC community from other countries. We will be grateful for your participation!

Based on the results of research colleagues of the motivation factors of VC participants, we ask you to answer the following questions. The results of this survey can be useful, both for the projects organizers (initiators) and for team captains as well as the VC participants themselves.

The results of the survey will be publicly available later.

Link to survey (based on Google Forms):