RakeSearch Testing of application for Raspberry Pi


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Hello folks!

We try to build a RakeSearch R10 application for Raspberry Pi. Currently, it runs on the computer 9257 - it's a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ through an anonymous platform file - app_info.xml.
Vital note: for computing on Pi you must use a combination of heatsinks and airflow! In our case, we install a small aluminum heatsink on the CPU and USB+Network controller and place the board inside desktop computer air outflow. In these conditions temperature of CPU stabilized at 54°C level.

The application compiled on 3B+ model, under Cortex-A53 CPU. You can download it from here and console version of BOINC client, if need (compiled on the same system also) from here. If you want to try a compute on another model of RPi, please post a message, we try to compile a separate test application.

Thank you for attention to the project and happy crunching!

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