Amicable Numbers The search up to 10^21


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The search up to 1021 has started! Over 50,000 new amicable pairs have been found in the first few days.

Due to the huge size of search space, first stage of the search will only look for all amicable pairs where smaller number is of the form 3N*...*p where N > 0 and p < 1011. I expect that this will find 2-3 million new amicable pairs in a year or so.

Note that system memory requirements are higher now because all prime numbers < 1011 need to be stored in memory for the search.

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This is an odd one. You'll have to check your BOINC memory settings if you're running this as it will be easy to run out of memory on most systems. This is worse than the VirtualBox apps I've run. The GPU app barely loads the GPU and GPU run times are wildly variable, ranging from just over two minutes to over three hours.